“Good tattoos aren’t cheap, and cheap tattoo aren’t good.” We feel strongly about this at One Love Tattoos. We keep pricing competitive to our surrounding friends in the industry as well as bringing the highest quality of tattooing for your hard earned dollar. We typically ask your budget up front so we can gauge the amount of time we can spend perfecting your idea. We can pretty much make anything happen within your limitations. But often times the work is so proven that cost becomes the last concern.
All appointments require a deposit. These range from $5-$250 depending on select appointments. Deposits are no refundable but may be reapplied at artist discretion for a later time, with respect to clients have communicated the schedule change within 7 days of their appointment. Certain circumstances will always be heard and left up to scheduled artist and client. We give you our all during your time here, we ask for the same desired respect when it comes to our craft and time.

Murray/West Jordan pricing

Park City Pricing