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One Love Tattoos earns its reputation as best tattoos in Utah with unparalleled artistry and a commitment to excellence.

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The mission, when One Love Tattoos was founded in 2015, was aimed at creating a new, more efficient and personal approach to an old sacred tradition. It didn’t take long for the One Love way to take hold and become one of the Best Tattoo Shops in Utah.

We generate custom art, with our clients present as part of our Award-Winning formula. We provide an intimate setting, where you and your artist can collaborate on your vision and create your dream tattoo.

When you combine passionate, driven artists with a clean and professional environment, you get the One Love Experience. Make the experience your own by hand selecting your artist, or having us find the best artist foryour style.  


One Love Tattoos Has Won Numerous Awards For Tattoo Quality And Service.

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One Love Tattoo artists stand out in Utah, demonstrating their expertise through intricate designs, impeccable technique, and an unwavering passion for their craft. Their dedication to creating unique, personalized artworks makes them the best in the state, consistently surpassing clients’ expectations.



Jesse Payne is Co-Owner of One Love Tattoos. His passion is Realism, in all forms: Traditional Black...



Mikel is a born and bred Salt Lake City native. Since he can remember his life has revolved around art.

Cesar Rios


Cesar has been tattooing for one and a half years but has the determination of a true artist.



A classic Chicano style artist with a laid back vibe. Cisco has been with One Love Tattoos coming up for ...



Luke Jensen came onto the tattoo scene and took the old school artists by surprise. His first venture came in 2015...



Native to Colombia, Mateo came to Utah to work for the season and fell in love with it, and tattooing...



Yoshi Garcia has been tattooing for just over a year. He is a tattoo artist working on turning his realism...


Passionate, patient, friendly local body piercer! Providing safe and professional piercings.

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Below is a small sample of recent tattoo work done by select artists at One Love Tattoos.

At One Love Tattoos, our artists are known for their meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every tattoo receives the utmost precision and care.

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tattoo Style & Ideas

In Utah, a variety of styles have gained popularity, including traditional, geometric, and nature-inspired designs. Religious symbols remain in demand, reflecting strong faith connections. Watercolor tattoos and minimalist linework provide a modern twist, reflecting the state’s unique culture and landscapes.

Schedule Tattoo Or Consultation

Our scheduling system is dedicated to keeping you informed at all levels of the artistic process, assuring your time with your selected tattoo artist, as well as creating comfort in your experience.

It is not required but we do offer very extensive consultations with a trained , dedicated consultation manager. This allows for us to understand you and your needs, as well as get familiar with the One Love experience.

Often times for smaller projects a consultation isn’t needed. We have artist on demand that can take care of designs at the drop of a hat so always feel free to book your tattoo itself or even do a walk up. Some tattoo projects take a lot more time and designing. Rest assured we have a booking for that as well. Come sit down with your artist and have a design consultation appointment. This is a great way to ensure you’re getting what you’d like, how you’d like, and when you’d like it.

Basically, we have a few different routes to get to the final product. We want you in the know, and as comfortable as possible. Scroll through booking options, see what is best for you and we will see you soon.

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